Saturday, February 21, 2015

Footprints in Snow

I had planned to go to Kananaskis for a short hike this weekend but when I woke up in the morning and checked the weather, I learnt there had been a snowfall warning for the region which warns of up to 15 cm of the snow. So I decided to cancel the trip. 
I went to Bowness Park instead and did a little walk towards the west side of the park where this Valley Ridge Gold Course is located. That was not a very impressive walk but at least I checked out a neighbourhood that I had not been to before. 
This look like a bear footprint to me but I could be wrong. Any idea? Maybe a wolf, fox or coyottee?! 

This is a set of four slightly impressions and you would find the next a meter ahead of this. Rabbit? 

Obviously a bird and a confused one! A magpie maybe as there are plenty of them in Calgary
Bow River Pathway in facts ends there and instead of the usual sign you see this Calgary Pathways sign and you hit the golf course. I crossed to the course and of course there was no one in there but I feared their cameras and being charged with trespassing! We'll see! 
On my way I saw a few footprints of different animals that you see them here. Then when I was going back to the parking lot, I walked on the river's bank and that was a bit tricky because I had to get very close and walk on the ice and there was the risk of breaking the ice and falling in the ice cold waters of Bow River. Luckily I managed to pass and get myself safely to the vehicle after almost 2 hours of walking and photography. 
(Photo, top: This is the edge of the ice which was partially broken. at the banks of Bow River. It is more than a foot thick)

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