Friday, February 27, 2015

My Memories of Mr. Spock

It was many years ago I was in Grade 1 or preschool, perhaps. That's why I do not remember clearly. We used to play in the beautiful garden yards of Farhad School and I recall kids calling each other on their imaginary radio: Kirk, from Spoke! Kirk from Spoke! Can you here me? This was of course before the Islamic Diarrhea Revolution and I barely remember the series but clearly remember its lovely soundtrack and scenes with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelly as the doctor, the Black woman, Nichelle Nicols but don't remember any story as I was very little. 
Yes. Star Trek used to be shown in the old country under the title of The Pioneers of Space! Was it as popular as it was in North America? I have no idea. I might talk to Mom about that but I know they were not into TV very much. I remember though that there was a channel called International Channel where we used to see mostly American cartoons, series or movies but again I vaguely remember things because of my age at the time. 
Nimoy with his Vulcan salute that is said is originated from a Jewish salute or gesture, Nimoy's parents were Jewish Soviets who immigrated to the States.
Leonard Nimoy, one the two main characters of the original Star Trek died today at the age of 83. I read just the day before or yesterday that he had been transferred to a hospital due to health problems. I guess Nimoy and in general Star Trek came to the attention of public recently when Sheldon Cooper, the character in popular TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory and other fellas repeatedly refer to him and cherish them. I traveled to Town of Vulcan last April to see its Trek Center but it was closed due to early season arrival of mine. Nimoy who portrayed Mr. Spock in Star Trek presumably was half Vulcan and half human but that's as far as I know. For years I wanted to see both the original series and the main movies made based on the original including Wrath of Khan but never did. So much to do and so little time! Maybe I should start soon! 
A replica model of Enterprise spaceship installed in Town of Vulcan, Alberta supposedly the birthplace of Mr. Spock or his native planet.
(Photo, top of the post: A plaque welcomes visitor to Town of Vulcan in Southeastern Alberta where I visited last April and I will again when I get another chance to visit the Trek Center and take more photos)

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