Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another Skating Course Finished

I would have attended the last session of our Skating course next Thu.. If I have not had this trip planned. So today was my last. It was a very fun time and we both enjoyed a lot and we learnt a lot as well. Our instructor, as usual was a Caucasian young girl and she was good, but not as good as the previous level's. No complaint though. This sport requires lots of practice similar to other ones and it is much harder to keep the practice going because its facilities are limited and expensive but this year we were quite active. 
We went to Olympic Plaza several times as well Crowchild Twin Arenas. I even went to Carburn Park and Bowness Park each once at least and we had a very fun day in the Oval on Family Day. If everything goes well I would either register for Level 3 or Speed Skating. The later requires a suit and different skates but I'll see how everything goes.
(Photo: This sort of sculpture is erected by Olympic Oval and I had not seen it clearly until today(!) because we always get there when it's dark! Today with Daylight Saving and being almost in the middle of March I got the chance to get a shot of this nice gesture of a skater. He or she is at the starting line ready for the shot)

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