Friday, March 13, 2015

Workplace Stories (17): Pathetic Losers

We had this visit to one fabricator a few days ago, planned for us 1 week ahead. I was happy that I could get the fuck out of the damn office and experience something. Our schedule stated clearly 16:00 as the time of meeting so we got there 5 min. earlier. We realized upon arrival that the bastards from the Client side had ditched us! According to the fabricator guys they had met them more than 5 hours earlier, had done all of the documentation and left. 
We were both so upset and pissed off! They treated us like crap and basically said indirectly that we didn't exist! I couldn't help it and said a few nasty thing about the fucking assholes and we left after half an hour.
We got back to the office and told the story to The Screamer and of course added more and more and exaggerated but not very much! He happily agreed and promised to discuss that with the fucking Client. Newlywed as well was upset and frustrated and I pilled on. We didn't talk after we returned because he was mad as me as well. He believed I had overreacted. He might have been right. I hate it when someone treats me like I don't exist. 
Anyways The Screamer wrote to the Client explaining the situation and basically complained. The interesting thing is the guy didn't even give a shit and came back with a bigger punch. He stated in his response that he had never seen such a compliant and since going to the facility early was a better idea, they had done it! 
Here was where I felt that The Screamer and all of us are nothing but pathetic losers! We can't even complain to the Client when they treat us like crap because our existence depends on them. If they do not select us to do their job, we are doomed! They are the Master and we are the Servant! Just Pathetic! I don't want to say anything about the ethnicity of the motherfucker who wrote that bouncing response to The Screamer but I can say that she is nothing but a piece of shit bastard! 
(Photo: I found this picture of a painting showing a master and his servant in a Blogger blog by accident. I hope the owner does not mind me using it here. My intention is just to depict the relationship between the company I work for [the kneeling guy] and our Client!)

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