Saturday, March 28, 2015

Higher Cost of Food

I did a little grocery shopping the other day in a Safeway supermarket. The following is what I bought:

1- A dozen Eggs, $2.99
2- Monterey Jack Cheese, .0.0825 Kg, $9.99
3- Jar of Olives, $10.42
4- Four Gala Apples, $3.08
5- A bag of 4 Lbs. Orange, $3.99

The total cost was $30.47 and you see that I have not purchased any meat, vegetable or Topical fruit, Chocolate or packed snack, and Ice Cream or novelties. I used to buy Lucerne Yogurt from Safeway too: $2.5 for each cup, different types and of course I never eat disgusting sugary so-called fruit Yogurt but the bastards has increased the price of those to $3.18 for each cup. So I said fuck it!
They previously had this excuse that the transportation cost is. Now that the price of Crude has gone below $50 and gasoline is sold for a little over $0.93 per liter, I don't know what their excuse is! This time for fruits and vegetables which come from the US they might say the US dollar is stronger but what about Yogurt, bastards? The milk is from Canada and the transportation is in the Canada. So what the fuck is your problem?! $30.47 for 5 non-major items.

Now look at what I purchased from another supermarket, this one Calgary Co-op:

1- Vanilla Whole Grain Loaf, $4.99. This truly is a good item and is on sale at times for $3.99. Not very big but makes 4 or 5 servings for an individual. I put Peanut Butter and Honey on it and eat it with coffee. Sometime without them. Not offered anywhere else as far as I have seen.
2- One large Red Grapefruit. $1.49.
3- Tomato Hot House, 0.37 Kg, $1.62
4- Four large Avocados, $3.92 ($0.98 each).
5- Two Astro 2% Yogurt, $5, $2.5 each, on sale, normally more expensive. I bought them instead of that bastard Lucerne Yogurt.

Total: $17.02. Again there is no fancy or major item in this list. I really do not know what to do any more. Have cut any possible cost, I could have.

(Photo: I took this picture in Basha's Dine Market in Chinle, northeastern Arizona. Unlike what is expected at this corner of the state, everything was available and mostly at a reasonable price, including Iceberg Lettuce which is my favorite. Here in Alberta you can not get for less than $1.49 for each and that's when it's on sale and it's old. Normal price is over $2 for each. Some blame drought in vegetable-growing areas of the US to be the reason. Wonder why it has no effect on the lettuce in Arizona?!)

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