Saturday, March 14, 2015

Workplace Stories (18): Newlywed At Large(!)

I wrote how we got embarrassed in the previous about work. Newlywed was completely vanished from the face of Earth after that. I didn't see he until after two days one of the other guys, whom I would like to use the Mirchi for him, told him that he had presumably left for his native land because his father was in critical condition. He added that he didn't completely the story although he had been told by the Engineering Manager. He simply stated that an emergency trip would have been not been planned for more than a week while this guy is gone for three!
Mirchi is a rival of Newlywed although they show friendly faces to each other. They talk behind each others back. Newlywed mocks Mirchi and says he once went to his native Pakistan and married a girl in a week! The whole dating, engagement and wedding took a week he says! While I'm not surprised and these things are common in East, he could have been exaggerating! 
Anyways I tried Newlywed's number the very same day I heard the story and got the voice message without any ring. So he could be away but it could be a play too. He could simply has turned his telephone off. On the same day that we were going to the fabrication shop he told me that he liked American culture because if the couple don't like each other, they don't have to stay married for ever while it's not mostly like that in East. I totally agree with him although the time has changed many things. These days couples don't remain married if they are not comfortable around each other. We'll see if any noise is coming off this immature idiot. The Mumbling Guy would be a good source to see what happened to Newlywed but he's away now. 

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