Sunday, March 29, 2015

More on the American Sniper: Pure Hoex

I heard a few things about this Kyle guy after I watched American Sniper. I decide to do more research on him to see who really he was. As I indicated in the movie related post, I was not very impressed by the movie. There were two reasons that I wanted to watch it:
1- It's made by Clint Eastwood.
2- It's about Iraq War. Unlike many I was not and am still not that sorry for Iraqis and what happened to their country. 8 years of my childhood and teenage years were spent during Iran-Iraq War, a devastating which was started by Iraqi forces invading Iran in Sep. of 1980. I believe that there was no tie between Iraq and Al-Qaeda not for the same reason that mostly believe. Al-Qaeda was established by Americans when they wanted to help the so-called Afghan Mujaheddin to fight the Soviets. But weapons of mass destruction were at the very stages of development by Iraq years before the US invaded. So I was not unhappy that Iraq's infrastructure was destroyed, its army was wiped out and their civilians were killed. I saw footage of Iranian POW being shown in Iraqis streets while people cheering and jumping up and down! Something never an Iranian did to one single Iraqi POW during the devastating 8-year-old war. 
Nevertheless I also believe that wars such as Iran-Iraq are created between nations by the US and its allies to weaken countries so they could be ruled easily. We're not going to go to the detail here though. 
With this introduction I was directed to what a few people said about this Chris The Lair Kyle guy. Jesse Ventura, the former Governor of Minnesota and the one who had a role in one of my all time favorite movies, Predator, have said interesting things about this guy. Being a Navy Seal himself, Ventura said: Who could Kyle be a hero? Who could someone who shot others from a hide-out be hero? He was a soldier and was trained for that. So what's the big deal? Could  an Iraqi sniper who shot our soldiers be called a hero by Iraqis then? The other interesting thing is the lawsuit that Ventura had again this lair lair, pants on fire. There's no doubt that this guy was an average Texas boy who normally goes to bars to drink, pick up girls, fight and such. I mean, who wouldn't in the US? Then he was probably bored and out of work and said to himself: Let's try this. He goes and due to his physical and mental strength, no doubt, he becomes a Navy Seal and is deployed to Iraq. What's going in there is in his book but it doesn't matter what he says in his book because now we know that he was a liar so we can't trust what he has written! I was going to buy his book to see what he has written and how it is different from Eastwood's movie but now I know I wouldn't have to waste that few bucks! 
How do we know he was a lair? Trough Ventura's lawsuit. He claimed he had punched Ventura in a well-known Navy Seal club (or similar social gathering place) and had knocked him down. I even watched part of his interview and he said he had done it with a smile on his face. Obviously he never did and for that reason Ventura filed a defamation lawsuit against him. He died or better to say was killed before the verdict comes out but Ventura won. He was not even in that place at the time Kyle the lair and other his fake witnesses claimed that he had been knocked down. So he fucked up but average Americans don't know that because what he mainstream media broadcasts is what the rulers of the country want. They wanted to make a hero out of him similar to Tillman and Lynch, two other faked tools and they quite succeeded because you probably have seen clips of his funeral in Texas where people are lined up at both side of the street waving American flag. I also saw the reaction of people when I was watching it in a movie theater. There was a fat huge fella with his probably temporary one-night, maximum a few month stand girlfriend and he was explaining each part of the movie with excitement to the girl and they were watching the Kyle guy with admiration.
Another story of him is that he claimed to be on the roof of a dome in New Orleans shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit and damaged the area, shooting looters! There's nothing more stupid than this someone could ever say! Since when looters are shot from distance without even being charged and prosecuted? Maybe he follows the footsteps of Obama who sends drones to kill people without charging and putting them on trail! 
In addition to that Kyle did not have a good relationship with his wife. Now was that because she repeatedly asked him not to go back to Iraq, as they showed in the movie or there were other reasons. We know that people in North America, especially the young, when get get married, they are very intolerant of each other. One slip and they are separated. So I'm not surprised that they had issues and they wanted to split. 
Overall this guy was a big screw up and a giant hoax. As Ventura said Pentagon wanted to make a hero out of him and sell it to the public and they succeeded but no doubt he was another lie similar to many others that the US Government have provided so far so they could rule the country and everywhere else much easier.
I wanted to buy the book and see how different it was from the movie and I also had the plan to purchase the DVD when it came out but know I cancel both. There's no way I waste a few bucks on a lair' story. 
(Photo: Who do you think this guy is?)

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