Wednesday, March 11, 2015

No to Fitbit Charge

We know that the giant companies in West continuously are thinking of different ways to see how they can make money by introducing new products and services that the majority of people do not necessarily need them. A good example of it is Apple which introduces a new handset every six month or so. Not that I ever have purchased or will ever posses one!
That being said, I checked the Windows Store in Chinook Center a few days ago and realized they have this promotion for Fitbit products which you can get up to $50 when you replace your device with a new one. I wanted to change my Flex and get a Charge considering that Charge calculates the elevation and related consumed energy. So I checked with one of the guys and he said if I had brought the charging cable, he would have given me $15 discount on the new device, a Charge that I had wanted to buy.
A few days passed and this time I went there with the wristband and charging cable, both. First they were not very willing to help due to the timing which was close to closure. Eventually a horrible girl came out of her hole and after a few minutes of so-called observation and calculation she came up with $7.5! I realized that she was trying to screw me up. Some people do not like certain others. There's nothing that I can do about that. I gave it up not just because she intended to deprive me from the promotion but also because that is not a big deal that I should pay more than $100 for. 
I keep doing my exercises and keep checking the results in my PC.
(Photo: Microsoft Store in Chinook Center, Calgary)

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