Friday, May 15, 2015

American Woman

One of the issues here in North America, which I pointed at that once, is having the laws and regulations which are hardly enforced. The other issue is that the majority of them are complicated and hard to understand. That is why we have this lawyer and that lawyer. That's why judging, courts and all the related shit is a good business. 
One good point that Jesse Ventura brought up in one of his interviews was that there are too many laws. He said when he had been elected Governor of Minnesota, the people directed him to a room full of shelves all around, loaded with thick, big books and told him that they were all State law! He asked why they needed that many and the answer of course is if something is too much and too complicated, people have no patient to read and understand that and that's when they get into trouble. In order to get out of the trouble, then they have to hire lawyers. And who are the lawyers? The very same guys, almost, who enacted the laws! So you know how some benefit from things! 
With that in mind a few years ago I purchased this woman American Beauty from Columbia House. I like most of the movie except for the ending where Kevin Spacey is shot. Normally the lead role is left alive to the end and that's when the audience is happy. He got killed and all the evidence led to believe he was the bad guy. That's why I didn't like the end and overall the movie and got rid of it. I guess I traded it in when Blockbusters had that program, years ago, I guess it was 2004 or so.
In the movie there's this scene that Spacey is behind the wheel and sings American Woman alongside the singer on the radio or a CD. That was the first time I head the song and a few years after I thought: Has ever been any lawsuit against the singer of this singer? He says nasty things about American women! There should be at least an American woman who's pissed off! Then a few weeks ago when I was searching for a few songs I came across the original version of the song by a Canadian band from Winnipeg, called The Guess Who! So to me then the problem became bigger: A few Canadian fellas form a band and insult American women! Anyone unhappy? There should be one or two? There should be a law out of this many that you can use against the one who tells nasty things about you. At least that's what I think. Chris, The Lair, Kyle, the American Lair claimed that he had punched Ventura in a Seal's bar when he was running off his mouth and for that he was sued and lost a case which cost him US $ 1.8 million. Fortunately he lost that when he had already lost his life! How has it been possible in a society that opportunists are everywhere that no one ever complained about these guys!
(Photo: The original The Guess Who in early 70's)

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