Saturday, May 23, 2015

Missed Photography Opportunity

I went for a walk and run today to Nose Creek Pathway around Bridgeland. That's where I started and walked up all the way to 32 Ave. It was sunny with no cloud and wind at all but it was fortunately not very hot. The area is now very beautiful. Wildflowers, grass, trees and birds singing and flying around makes it a perfect place for a morning walk and run. It's so beautiful that Deerfoot's traffic doesn't bother. 
I ran back for 20 min. just to see if my back muscle has become better or not. I feel much better but it's not healed completely. The only regret I have for today's exercise is that I had forgotten to take my camera. While I was on the trail, first I saw a couple of flightless bird which looked like Grouse to me. Then further down there was a Deer in the trees watching me passing by! It was hard to believe that it was there but I saw it and I had seen other similar or dissimilar animals previously. Then I kept going and of course there are always Robins everywhere and other types of colurful birds that I don't even know their name. A good Sat. morning. 

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