Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Turned Down

I applied for a position last Fri. This was the first one in the past 15 months. The answer was quick and simple and I received it yesterday: At this time they preferred to go with other applicants. 
The qualifications was a match for me and I didn't even have to change much. I was not very hopeful but was not really disappointed when I sent it either but I got disappointed when I received the regret letter! The good thing about the position was that it was at a site and while it might not seem very appealing to me, I would have had the opportunity to learn, had I been given the chance to join. I even might have been able to get my certificate credited. But it's gone now and I have to move on. I don't know for how long the job was but I was hoping to get out of this nuthouse. I guess I will have to try harder. 

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