Saturday, May 02, 2015

Wasted Life

I took a walk in North Glenmore Park yesterday around sunset. It was quiet, nice and peaceful. A bit chilly though. I didn't mind. I never mind cold. There was barely anybody out. People were there but sitting in their cars. How silly! A few on bicycle. Passed. A group down by the reservoir shore with a big fire. Young fellas. Probably getting ready for their beer and barbecue! Something people could do that every week without being tired of that! Not me. I didn't even get close to them. Simply turned back. I wasn't looking for action. I was looking for silence and peace. 
While passing the storm ponds this old Persian verse hit me:

... بنشین بر لب جوی و گذر عمر ببین
This virtually means:

Sit by the stream and watch how your life is passing before your eyes. 

And it's not Arabic. It's Persian. There are similar alphabet but the language is different. There are similar alphabet in Urdu as well! 
Of course there was no stream but the pond reminded of that for no reason. Seriously this is something we have no control over it and one day we realize that we are close to the end and what have we done? Have we lived our life the way we wanted? I bet for most of the people the answer is No! I'm sure for me the answer is no to the most part. But how can we change that? Not much I guess. My passion has always been mountains. That's the only thing matter to me. And my job. I haven't reach the level of expertise I have wanted in my field. Not that it's too late but I got not much time left. How can I control my time, overcome my laziness and struggle myself to study and reach a higher level? I know with mountains I don't have that much time. I always can wake up at 04:00 and am sure will be able to do the same for the next 5 or even longer. But career: I don't have that much of control. Not that easy.
(Photo: Storm pond in North Glenmore Park, near reservoir)

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