Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The 2015 Initial Plan

Hiking and mountain climbing season is short in Canada and every year I become impatient when we reach May. There is barely any mountain you could go all the way to the summit before the first week of June. I have had 5 hikes/scrambles/climbs so far and the three good ones were performed in Arizona in my road trip. One was simply a long walk on road and the last one was an unsuccessful attempt but a good exercise, no doubt. So I'm waiting for June to come and I can start my climbs. This year I looked and realized that I will have 32 days between the months of May and September. The question is how good they could be used? 
If you look at the main table of my ascends and hikes in last year you see that the first major ascend was performed in May.31. So probably trying The Wedge was not a good idea, two weeks ago but at least we got a good work out and we learnt the trial!
I have listed 12 hikes for myself in 10 different areas and 2 different provinces. I am determined to accomplish all and also do the other 20! 
Some say revealing these things in a weblog is not a good idea and the information could be misused by maniacs but I say what is that they could possibly do? By the time anyone even wants to join me on the hike or scramble, I'd be either more than half-way up or on my way back down! So I don't care. All I care is I can use this summer and fall in best possible manner and do as many ascends and hikes as I want.
(Photo: Two tables. The above table shows the major ascends and hikes of 2014. The hike to Kehlsteinhaus is not listed because that was not in the original plan and performed in place of one you see listed as S-5 to S-9. By the way in this table P indicates Primary and S is short for Secondary. The smaller table below is what initially I have prepared to be performed in 2015 and a few of them are already done. I hope I can get close enough to my ideal number, 32)

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