Sunday, May 31, 2015

From 20 min. to 30 min.

When I first started running and jogging back a few years ago, after the break I had of course, I set my goal for 20 minutes. Depending on the day I ran and time, as well, sometimes it was easy and at times difficult to do. 
Today was the second day that I increased the length from 20 minutes to 30. It was not really easy but I did it. But running for 30 min. does not prove anything. How fast you're running that 30 min. and how far you run is important. of course I don't want to push myself too hard because I'm 25 anymore but I've seen old people here running like a machine without even panting! 
According to the data saved by Fitbit (which I have problems with a will probably post them later) I ran 2.16 Km between the hours of 09:45 to 10:00 today. It makes my speed at 8.64 Km/h (Don't laugh!). There are lots of talk about the average speed, what is jogging and when it would turn to running. I think I will have to leave them for later but what I also have to watch is my diet. I had lots of Ice Cream, Cake, Chocolate Bar and Candy recently and I have to start going easy on them. I hope I can have a post in a few months declaring a better speed and lighter body! 

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