Sunday, June 18, 2017

CFLRS Notes (14): Helping Flood Victims in Quebec

At one point after days of downpour in mid-May which caused catastrophic floods in parts of Quebec a number of us were asked to help. We first thought that we would leave the garrison and help the victims in different towns but all we were asked was to help a French group of NCMs with sandbag filling.
It was not such a difficult job as there were enough number of people and we switched. There was a big truck with a hopper in the back. The truck would be loaded by a bulldozer and then two people would fill up the bags through the hopper. There was a lack of consistency. A number of the bags would be filled 5/8 of their volume while other ones would be filled almost half. I tried to explain to them but they didn't like that! 
I guess we helped them for about one hour and a half. Not a big accomplishment or anything but it was good to do something positive with the time, especially the people who were suffering from the aftermath of a flood.
(Photo, top: A LAV is going through flood-affected streets of a town in Quebec)

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