Sunday, June 25, 2017

CFLRS Notes (17): It's a Small World

When I was sent back to a platoon to continue my training I realized that two of the people that I had previously experience with were on the same platoon: The stinking Cheater and The Player. The Cheater actually helped me to get my stuff from the rest area(!) to the new platoon. The Player was the same fucking asshole who always had been!
In a small community such as a military training school you should be very careful because you might run to someone that you had some interaction with earlier. If the result if the contact is not good, it will lead to animosity and although people cannot do much harm to others in a military compound due to harsh punishment that they most likely face, it's always better to be careful. Even the staff could cause problem. Imagine you are in a platoon and you have poor performance. This would most likely be transferred to your new platoon, not only through your file but also by the staff who were pissed at you for ignoring their orders. In a nutshell: IT'S SMALL WORLD!

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