Tuesday, June 27, 2017

CFLRS Notes (19): Work-out Challenge

One of the good aspects of CFLRS is its PT or physical training sessions. You may have as many as 3 sessions a week. At time it might be 2 classes in a day. Staff are mostly OK and helpful. There was one guy that I had a very good relationship with because I always was fast, on time and engaging. I can't name him here of course.
One day he invited the entire platoon to a challenge after the work-out was finished. By reading this, he will find out who I am. It's OK. It's no military secret.
The challenge was to hold a Plank position for as long as possible. The winner would chose two songs and the staff would download them and play them in the next PT session.
So here we were all more than 30 people, all younger than me. We adopted the plank position and I waited. People had to give it up one after another. I had no pain or bad feeling. My only problem was sweating! It was streaming down my neck and chest! After almost 7 min. there was only me and a young guy, originally from Poland. A young fella who looked fit. Everyone was cheering and yelling and the staff was surprised that I was able to hold it that long! The other guy eventually gave it up while in pain and I won! I even held it a few seconds after he collapsed on the floor!
I presented my two songs to him the next session: Hell's Bells by AC/DC and one more that I can't recall but I'm sure I like it as much as the other one. It's hard to chose two songs among hundreds that you like from different musicians but that was a very good challenge and I liked it.
(Photo: AC/DC in a live performance playing one of their amazing songs)

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