Monday, September 18, 2017

Akward Situation Over the Phone

The Mumbling Guy told me to contact The Screamer last week. he said there would be a position and although temporary, I should contact and indicate my availability. I really didn't want to considering all the shit I had gone through in that disgusting company and its immoral and unethical management. Then I thought to myself that I'm doing a labour job that makes me feel like a corpse(!) at the end of each shift and now that this opportunity is available perhaps I should use it to make a little extra money without injury and agony! 
I was supposed to make the phone call on a Mon. morning and I didn't! There was a conflict inside of me and a dilemma outside! Then Tue. came and I, again, didn't call. Just imagining that repulsive turd behaviour threw me away! However I e-mailed The Mumbling Guy to see what he says. He insisted that I should contact. " ... to see how he can get you back in." he stated in his e-mail response to me. 
I finally contacted in the morning of the next day. He sounded that he had not recognized me first and then he got and asked, for the first time since I've known him, how I was! I told him what I had been told and he went: Then he knows more than me! I was a bit shocked and felt really bad. I explained to him in more detail and then he told me to talk to The Mumbling Guy! I thanked him and said goodbye but the asshole hung up without saying goodbye! 
I talked to the bastard, The Mumbling Guy, a few days after that. He said that he later received a call from him and was questioned for letting me know about the position! He said that there are people available to do that job and the company doesn't need to hire anyone! However he added that The Screamer had said that if anyone was required for the office, he would consider me!
That was the whole stupid story and now I wonder whether The Mumbling Guy does that on purpose to humiliate me or he's so stupid to tell me about the position without even consulting The Screamer who happens to be his boss, first! 
(Photo: It was really a bad feeling after my conversation with that maniac! Perhaps this randomly selected picture from the web could somehow tell my situation after he hung up!)

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