Monday, September 11, 2017

An Unpleasent Encounter with an East Indian

There're two East Indian fellas in this place that I started a job almost 3 weeks ago. East Indian, unfortunately and according to my experience through all the years that I've been living here, and I'm not being racist or biased, are amongst the worst to work with, either directly or indirectly.
They brag about their education, home, family, food, you name it. I was once going to tell one of them that if he thinks everything is the best where he comes from, why doesn't he go back?! Why did he come here in the first place?!
East Indians always team up against non-East Indians in a workplace. They try to ruin their competitors (as they look at everyone who's non-East Indian in the workplace!) so they can be replaced by East Indians, mostly their family members, friends, neighbours and eventually people of their own village or town back in India! Why do they do that? It's simple: They're most comfortable around their own kind. But one thing also is very common within them; They fight and compete with each other a lot. The latter is fine but the fighting shows how immature and uncivilized they are. 
I asked a question from one of them the second day on the job and he said that I had not paid attention to my training! Asshole! And then once I told him why the given instructions are not documented and available for the employees. The piece of stinking shit said documents are for fools! Next time I asked him another question. He said: Don't argue with me!!
Then one day I saw him not sitting with his fella co-worker of East Indian origin! What a surprise! East Indians don't normally don't socialize with others. I realized that something was going one between them! Yes! They had a fight over the job. I saw them then arguing and spending their break time separately! They use lots of hand gestures while talking! Russell Peters actually has referred to a few of them in his stand-up comedy! 
Then the one who said all those stupid above things approached me once while we were going to finish the shift and asked me what I had done before joining. I told him a little bit. He at the end shook my hand and left(!) as a sign of friendship! I knew that he was feeling lonely not being able to hang out with his buddy! So I didn't want to disappoint him! The very same person did not talk to me for several days after I told him that he was the most impatient East Indian I had met! I told him that he should be patient with the one who asks him question and avoids laughing at him(!) and turning his head away! That was exactly what he did! Jerk! I kept the same behaviour of mine toward him after his childish and immature act! I always was polite. Ended my sentences with please and started them with Could you ... or Would you ... and showed him that his behaviour was disgusting but does not change me in a way to go down to the same level that he was. I did that until his was changed but I have to admit that his argument and hostility toward his buddy was a factor here. He just wants to replace him with someone, at least temporarily. I hope you, the reader, never have to work with an East Indian with such attitude or if you're an East Indian try to correct yourself, in case you act like the jerk I explained him here, although it would be extremely hard to be changed! 

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