Saturday, September 02, 2017

Ranked Third and Second

I didn't want to do just nothing and sit around most of the day after I came out of the prison! I decided to get whatever job is available in order to not only make a few hundred bucks but also be out of the damn apartment. I went to a recruiting agency and they quickly hooked me up with a labour job! Why? Because not many people would like to do that. Simple as that!
Here, as usual and for the privacy of myself, I don't reveal the name of any of the involved companies but I must say that it's not that bad. I did similar job back in British Columbia for a short time. Only from Sep. to Jan. This one is quite similar with this difference that a more advanced system is used. Does it make the job easier? Yes. Indeed. But not for the poor labourer! It's easier for the office people and of course for the company. Since this is a part-time job, I did it for only 3 days the week before and the interesting thing is I was ranked the 3rd in terms of performance while the week after that I jumped up to the 2nd rank! The Supervisor congratulated me! There were issues during the shift including an urgent machine maintenance, previous station delay and helping others and a few more. Otherwise I would beat the first guy with a huge difference. It means that I have a chance to stay until I find a better position. However something else happened the first time! He called me and indicated to me that I had missed an item! I was surprised because I was sure I did my job correctly but I didn't argue just in the 3rd day of work! It wouldn't have a good impression on him. In the meantime I will ask him that what would happen if it's proved I was wrong?! Am I going to be rewarded for that?! It's because he said that error or mistake would stay in my profile! I need to know what if the mistake is done form their side!
(Photo: For this post I selected a cartoon which refers to a temporary job and mix it with the fact that some of the egg producers, deceivably, call their products free-range! Of course we all know that's a lie just to fool the customer)

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