Friday, September 01, 2017

Horsethief Canyon

I wanted to have a hike after my return from prison! Once I talked with this guy whom I've associate with recently. He wanted to start at 06:00 while I normally start at 05:00. So we couldn't get to an agreement. Besides I would have been the one who drives, had we been to a hike and I don't like that much although we share the cost of the gasoline.
I eventually saw myself with this crazy guy, The Chef! We decided to go to Drumheller on a weekend and do a light hike, considering his knee was shattered! Our time was set at 06:00 and that was because I would wake up at 05:00 in order to reach his place at 06:00 but the plan was torn apart because of the unusual interview!
I got myself home, changed and rushed to his place after the interview and we headed north to Drumheller. We had a short stop at McDonald's for a beverage and then went to the town's information centre. The place was busy despite the fact that we were there in a weekend. I got map and explanation from a young girl. Our destination was Horsethief Canyon in the northwest side of the town.
Being Horseshoe Canyon two years before that, it seemed that would not be something to consider but we went down and hiked to Red Deer River which took us some 01:15 hours. There were a number of people but no one was in the actual canyon. Everyone, mostly watches from the top, takes a few photos and leaves. We each drank a can of beer by the river and sat there for 10 min., maybe. The result of drinking that beer was not so good! The 8% can, which I don't remember what brand it was, made us both lazy and very slow but we dragged ourselves back to the parking lot! Thanks Heavens that we were not in a real hike! We would have had serious problem! For me it was probably the first alcoholic beverage in 8 months and the first beer in I don't know how long because Beer is in the list of forbidden drinks for me as someone who has Gout.
We headed back to the town after the hike and asked the information ladies if there was somewhere we could make our Kebab. We were advised that fire ban was in effect for the who county. We then decided to head back to Calgary and make our meal which The Chef had made its ingredients the night before, in one of the parks but a disaster happened which is the subject of another post!
(Photo: Unusual and interesting hills of Hosethief Canyon near the town of Muson [actually between Drumheller and Muson]. You can see the same terrain in Horseshoe Canyon and Dinour Provincial Park near Brooks)

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