Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Never Normal Weather of Alberta

The cold season was ended nearly 10 days ago and now we're about to start May, the wind, rain and hail season starts. It was a little warm last night. Therefore I decided to leave the window open and sleep. I heard a noise which clearly sounded like an aluminum can being kicked on the street. First I thought it was a homeless who was collecting recyclables but the sound kept going. It felt like the guy was kicking the can from one end of the ally to the other end! Then when the curtain started flying to the ceiling I realized that it was a strong wind! I shut the window down and went back to sleep. 
The next morning when I went out the signs of strong wind could be seen everywhere and the rain was non-stop! It rained all day long to this moment that I'm writing! I wanted to call The Brave to go to his place on bike so we could go to see the King together but I decided not to since going to his place in such a day that it's been pissing since the morning, would be a soak for sure decision! Almost one hour on a bike and then you would feel that you just came out of shower after you reach there!
So I decided to stay home and spend my time on the V Work, planning my upcoming trip and watch a few things here and there. 
(Photo: There's this so-called park in Downtown Calgary which actually is a hangout for the addicted, homeless, drunkards and Natives [practically the latter automatically comprises of all the three mentioned groups! So I would have had to just say Natives but decided to give complete info for the ones who don't have enough information!], and they started renovating it. The surrounding is fenced and the wind was so strong that the fence is down as you can see in the picture)

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