Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Coward/Brave Chef

I visited The Chef after a long time this weekend. I had a few things that I had to get from him. We sat for a coffee and chatted a bit. He's looking forward to the next for his surgery but looked a bit, just a tiny bit calmer as he had received a cheque from the insurance company and had a few dollars in his pocket! We went to one of the East Indian or to be specific Punjabi stores in the neighbourhood for a little shopping and there I saw the other side of The Chef
After years of being friends with him I realized that one of the reasons that he drank a lot was to get courage because when he didn't drink he was like a rabbit! Scared of almost everything! He take a step towards it and it hopes and disappears! For example today I wanted to use the bathroom and his roommate was in there. I pushed the door open without knowing he was in there and The Chef said: Oh! He's now goin' to get mad and will slit my throat! He was pretty serious about what he said! He was scared! He really is scared of smallest things, most of the time. Something as small and unimportant of what I just explained. Today tough when we were in the store a mid-aged man stopped while we were talking asked us what language we were speaking? I told him that we spoke Persian. The Chef then asked him if he was from India. The guy said that he was the enemy of Indians! I immediately realized that he was from Pakistan particularly because he said that he was upset about what has been going on in Kashmir. Here to my surprise The Chef goes: Pakistan belongs to Saudi Arabia! Which is an absolute deniable truth but the guy surprisingly walked off and said: We belong to no one! I pulled The Chef aside, while I was in shock and asked him let the guy go! I'm sure if he was a younger fella a fight would break out but he also knew that he was in a Punjabi store which although is not exactly Indian but is not Pakistani either. Some say that Punjabi support Pakistan but I don't know but based on what the guy did that is not hundred per cent true. 
I praised what The Chef had said several times but we waited for the guy to leave because I didn't want any confrontation with police attending at the end and having a file! It was an absolutely awesome act by The Chef which made my day. 
(Photo: Two cute bunnies. I know rabbit as symbol of cowardly. This is from the old country. Not quite sure if that is how it works here in Canada or not)

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