Tuesday, March 10, 2020

All SUVs and Trucks

I went to a Toyota dealer in the city a couple of month before the end of last year to look at a Prius. In the entire huge inventory that they have over there, there was only one Prius C which is a small hatchback and I hate those! When I asked the salesperson, who happened to be a Pakistani chimp(!), he said that trucks and SUVs were popular and not many people were interested in hybrids.
Some of you might accuse me of racism but I'm not a racist. I am a foreigner myself in this country and I admire honest and hard-working foreigners from everywhere but not the liars, cheaters, frauds and fundamentalists. I, as well, hate careless people. This is how he looked: Big fat belly hanging down, stupid fake smile, lack of communication skill, total lack of knowledge about the product and bull-shiting constantly! That's a salesperson in a major Toyota dealer in a major city of Canada!
Why is that? Because a knowledgeable and understanding person, regardless of his or her race, would not work for a dealer for such a low salary and that's the issue with many jobs in Canada and generally a Capitalist society! This ugly asshole talked to me about religious matters and shit like that instead of providing valuable information about the vehicle! Unbelievable!
Long line of vehicles at a Mobil gas station in the 70's. The US founded the concept of Strategic Resources after that. Automakers started to make smaller and more economically-driven vehicles after that, as well. 
However one thing that the guy said correctly was the fact about the SUVs and trucks and that was not hard to come by it! You could look around the showroom and realize that easily! I see that on the road on daily basis but never knew it was that bad! I was driving down Darthmouth Road in SE part od Calgary and it was once again proved to me. A row of vehicles, most likely all belong to the employees of City of Calgary as there are facilities there,but I'm not sure of, mostly big trucks and SUVs. I wonder what happens if one day the supply of gasoline and diesel is interrupted for whatever reason! What if there is another 1970 Oil Crisis?! It is the other way around these days! The price of oil is down as a result of Saudi Arabia and Russia's conflict as well as concerns over Coronavirus but Oil supply is not unlimited! It will end one day.
(Photo, top: SUVs and trucks parked at the side of the road)

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