Saturday, March 07, 2020

The Sequel to Sicario

It had been a long time that I wanted to see the sequel to Sicario and when I finally bought the DVD, something that people rarely do that these days, and watched it, I was surprised! It's actually a good movie! It's very rare that sequels become good movies but this one is.
The best part of the film, that I grasped(!) is its message: The should be no mercy when it comes to drug gang criminals! The fact is both the US and Mexican governments could put an end to this ongoing issue of drug years ago but they don't want to.
DEA agents are taking Noriega to a US plane to transfer him to Miami for prosecution. One of the nastiest and most disgusting creatures who ever lived on the face of the Earth, this guy, Noriega, had ties with the US intelligence community before known as a bad guy by the Americans! 
The United States and its allies entered attacked in 2003 and wiped out the Iraqi army in a few weeks. Iraqi army was the 5th strongest force in the world at the time. How is that the US and Mexico cannot defeat a bunch of Latino assholes who have turned that country to a graveyard?!
That is an undeniable fact. Do you remember Manuel Noriega? He was running Panama for a few years and once he did something that the Americans didn't like and it was with drugs. What they did was they captured him and put him in prison in Miami! He was moved back and forth between prison and hospital, due to his illness until he died in 2017.
The film is good and all the actors are brilliant including a young, pretty girl who portraits a drug cartel boss's daughter.
The main characters of the movie were played by, from left Benicio Del Toro, Isabella Moner and Josh Brolin
 Sicario: The Day of Soldado, which means the day of soldier ends in a scene which means there might be a sequel to it and I'm curious to see it. Hopefully it comes. The only disturbing scenes of movie is first the constant screaming and crying of the girl which while very real, bugs the hell out of me. In addition to that is the presence of a deaf person. The screen writer has put him in to somehow relate one of the characters of the movie to the stories of the previous movie but seeing him and the way he communicates and lives, in the movie, is a bit disturbing to me. 3.75 out of 5.
(Photo, top: Josh Brolin, as Matt is walking towards the Federalies while aiming at them in the final scenes of the movie. Jeffery Donovan and Benicio Del Toro, in this order, are seen in the back)

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