Saturday, March 14, 2020

Disastrous Disappointment at Taj Indian Restaurant (Airdrie)

I and this new buddy, whom I call him MumGuj (Because he is originally from Gujarat but lived in Mumbai before his immigration), went to Taj Indian Restaurant in Airdrie, a few days ago for the second time, this time to try their buffet and I have to say that I got completely disappointed. I would not recommend that to anyone who wants to try real authentic Indian (or as they say it here in North America, East Indian) food. I paid more than $21 for each of us, plus $2 tip and of course tax and it was a total waste of money and time! 
The was the most bland and distasteful Indian meal that I have ever had. One might ask what these idiots do that. It's simple: Caucasians are not used to hot and spicy food. So in order to attract more of this type of customer, particularly because more than 97% of the population of the town is Caucasian, they make the food that way! This is the same practice that some other Indian restaurants in Calgary follow. Namaskar in 16th Ave. and the pathetic Royal India are amongst the Indian restaurants that I would not step in them! They are just pathetic. What a waste! I will never go this any of these three, ever again!
(Photo: This is a type of Indian dessert that is basically made out of milk, white rice and sugar. The best cure for diabetes! That, with maybe a few other items, were the only original Indian meals/desserts and that is because Caucasians have sweet tooth as well. We have the exact same thing in Iran and it's called Sheer-Berenj which literally means Milk-Rice, the two main ingredients of this dessert. We add Water rose and a few other things as well. I didn't feel that in this one as they try to cut any possible corner. I had not have that for years as I'm trying not to end up in a doctor's office, clinic or hospital soon!) 

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