Wednesday, March 18, 2020

School's Out Forever!

I was going to sit in a McDonald's after work yesterday but I realized that they had a sign on the door indicating that the lobby was closed. Not much surprised but sad because that's my only getaway! Sitting at a table, reading or writing or playing a game of chess. Even that is taken away! The simplest of funs!
McDonald's Canada has decided to suspend direct services, in their lobbies, until further notice

We still are working though but many have been ordered to work from home, including The Mumbling Guy, who called me this morning to check on me. Another surprise! MEC has sent a message that they would be closed until Mar.30. Not that I r canceled yesterday's showings because one of the home owners had indicated that they didn't want any strangers in the house!
Most of the idles are refilled (Compare this photo with a picture of two days ago) but there are still items that you can't get them easily including toilet paper and pasta! Both of them are unessential items to me but Canadians have grown great found of both, evidently! 
One other house that I thought perhaps would be a good choice is conditionally sold. I would have to wait until Fri. to see if the offers is accepted by the owner or not but what I was thinking was just to suspend buying because if we're asked not to go to work, then how the hell am I going to pay the mortgage?! 
I still have to go out today to buy some grocery. It's not much but I will need them. I'll see how the roads look like now that the schools are out and many work from home.
Crude price has reached the lowest in the past 17 years!
They say this issue will be continued until summer, if not longer. That is why the Government has introduced a $82 Billion aid package! The Mumbling Guy was a bit upset that he had spent $7000 on his family flight to India for the coming June and he had to spend as much as $500 on his daughter's seat from Atlanta to Alberta but he has no choice, he knows! He said that he would go to a " Court " to get his money back from airlines(!) if his flight is cancelled! I told him that airlines have already put a policy in effect that would allow you to get your money, or most of it, back due to this unprecedented situation. It's interesting that a cheap guy has always something to worry about and suffer from! 
(Photo, top: The cover of album Gutter Cat by Alice Copper. School's Out is a single in that album which was released in 1972) 

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