Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thing's are Getting Worse

We were told that we would be working only 5 days, starting the next week. Many people have been laid off. So I think we should be thankful that we are still employed! Who wants to go through the process of E. I. get a little surviving money and live for the next 6 months with that!? 
With not many plane flying and not many people driving, the price of oil keeps going down
Two of the employees were asked to leave today at the middle of the shift. One guy had a relative who had just arrived in Canada. The other one is married to a guy who an infected employee has recently been found in their workplace. 
By 02:00 PM half of the employees were gone as there's no overtime anymore. In fact it was up to last week but people have ordered too much that they either have no more money to purchase or no room to stock!
(Photo, top: Downtown Calgary at about 17:05 on Thu.! Under no circumstance I have seen such a crowd! There is no vehicle until the next two intersection!)

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