Friday, March 13, 2020

The Freaked out People

It was in the news that people have rushed to supermarket to purchase toilet paper, few days ago! I cannot understand why toilet paper and then today I surprisingly realized that the orders are bigger than usual! One customer who usually ordered 1 to 1.5 unit of product, had an order or 4.5 unit today! Then I decided to check supermarkets by myself but not just checking. I needed Milk, Bread, Broccoli and a few things. So I stopped at Beacon Height Safeway. I got surprised how stupid people could get! There was no 2% or 3.25% Organic Milk left! I had to get 1%. Some shelves were completely empty and some had a few items in them! I had to skip vegetable section because there was barely anything left! Just got the milk and bread. Fortunately there was no long waiting.
When usually there's a discount, people try to buy as much as they can but in this open freezer only one item is left!
In Beltline Safeway, though, it was different. It was both line ups and shortage of items(!) but that damn place is always busy. Not much vegetables were available there as well.
Canadians usually consume too much chips of different types and flavours. There is no day that I go to a supermarket and don't see a guy, a gal; or a couple looking around for chips or walking to cashier with a bag or two! Here half of the bags are gone!
So I got the hell out! I think the more the authorities say not to panic, the more people go to other direction. Things with this virus has gone to the point that both NHL and NBA have canceled all of the games. Schools are shut and even the House of Commons announced that they would suspend their activities. I hope things don't get worse. 
(Photo, top: Almost all of the vegetables are out in this section of this Safeway supermarket)

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