Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A Miracle in Downtwon Calgary

I felt a bit, or perhaps more than a bit, of pain in my chest and shoulder a few days ago at work and decided to go to emergency to see what the problem was. The entrance to the medical centre was being guarded by a Peace Officer. He asked me what the problem was and let me in after I told him. Then I was questioned by a nurse who was in mask and gown. The questions were all about the Coronavirus symptoms. I was then given a mask and told how to fix it and then directed to another nurse whom got the initial examination. 
Registration usually takes place after that. In this case it was done through a phone call! Then it didn't take long that I was approached by another nurse and then the physician came but before that I had to give some blood samples which was a pain! I always hated needles but the only thing I could do and did was closing my eyes. I then was sent to X-Ray. The physician wanted to make sure that there was nothing wrong with my lungs and then the wait started. It was not bad because I got connected to Wi Fi and surfed for good Apps! Then the second set of blood samples was taken. This is how usually works, according to the nurse: They take a number of samples and then they compared them with another set within a 2-hour time frame. Eventually after more than 4 hours, which normal in urgent care, I was told that everything was normal and okay! Blood pressure, lungs, blood, everything! The physician said that he knows what the problem is not far but he does not know what the problem is from! A pair of Aspirin had been previously given to me to chow by a nurse but the doctor said that he would not recommend that because of its side affects. He recommended Aleve instead but I haven't taken any so far.
When I left the clinic I was expecting to see a ticket under my windshield wiper but there was nothing. It was a 2-hour limited parking spot and I had parked for hour 4 hours. Calgary Parking Authority guys, if they read this, must be very upset but that was it and if you don't believe in miracle, here is one!
(Photo: The spot that I parked my car for over four hours in Downtown Calgary)

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