Wednesday, May 13, 2020

My First Offer

I had my first offer, a couple of days ago, on a small house in a nearby town and it was rejected! It was not a bad house for the price I intended to pay but not for the price that the owner wanted to sell! There were a few problems with the property that I closed my eyes to with the hope that I can get it with a lower price than what it had been listed.
Everything happened so fast. I signed the offer that the realtor had sent to me for a price of nearly $16,000 less than the original and she sent it. Then I received a call from her indicating that the seller had agreed to only $900 below the original price!!!
It was very funny and I told her. She agreed or at least she stated that she did.  We then, after a short negotiation, added $5,000 and resubmitted the offer. It was rejected again! The realtor said that the seller had been offended by our original price and I told her to say to the seller that I was disappointed at her! 
The realtor said that the owner was an stubborn old lady and her realtor usually works with that type of clients. There were a few issues with the property that I thought I could accept them if the seller went with my offer:
1- There was no backyard. A big double-garage is built in the back of the property where a nice backyard could sit while the extension of the driveway, from the curb to the backyard could easily be used as garage. The Brave has done the same thing to his old house in NE. He, tough, built a three-vehicle garage which is filled with junk now and added an entrance to the basement so he could rent it out.
2- There was not much done in the basement and it didn't even had a secure set of stairs.
3- The realtor cited the distance from a major road to the property but I didn't feel that as much as she was concerned.
This could have been a nice place to relax and enjoy spare time but it didn't happen. We're going to look for other options.
(Phot: This, of course, is not the house but it was a nice and small one quiet similar to this)

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