Friday, May 08, 2020

Visiting The Mumbling Guy

I finally visited The Mumbling Guy in his place a few days ago. I remember back in the days that we worked together he always bragged about his house. It actually is not a bad one. It's located in a deep south community of the city. It's nice and quiet and there's a park in the pack. It's good that there's no lane or homes in the back. The small kitchen opens to a little backyard and the park is behind the backyard. So it's pleasant to eat in the kitchen or in the backyard without being disturbed by anything.
The surprising thing was that when I rang the bell I thought I was at the wrong address because there was immediately barking from inside! The Mumbling Guy and a pet!!!! Who could believe that? The guy's lunch cost $2 and here he has a nice little cute dog! 
So her daughter opened the door but had to close it to not let the dog out and got his father for me. we sat in a little hallway next to the entrance. The inside was really not special. A typical family home with regular furniture but it was clean and nice. He asked me what I wanted at once but I politely refused and we had a chat for about 40 minutes or so and then went for a walk around the neighbourhood which was nice but of course it was a cloudy day in the light of Social Distancing! Otherwise it could have been a busy neighbourhood. I was going to leave after the short walk but he offered me a cup of tea. So went back inside. He made the tea using Microwave, an apparatus(!) that I hate the most and never use! He also had a bowl of biscuits. The tea obviously was not too good and that was from someone who is from a Tea country but hey that's The Mumbling Guy! How do you think he has been able to buy that house, two old cars and manage a family of four?! Buy starving himself to death and wearing cloths like hobos! 
His wife joined for a minute and said hello. I knew her from the time that she briefly worked in the same company as us and a few times that we attended the Christmas party. It was a surprise to me as well but it happened. I didn't want to overstay my welcome especially in a time like this that everyone is copped up at home. So I said goodbye after the Tea and walked down the street despite his insisting giving me a ride to the train station. I had parked just a few blocks away and that is why I refused the ride because I had told her that I sold my car! 
(Photo: This tiny little flower was in the Mumbling Guy's garden. It's needless to say that he used this opportunity to brag about his house again!)

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