Thursday, May 07, 2020

My Blackberry

I decided to change my cellphone last summer after I realized that it had issues and particularly it battery drains fast. I experienced that once during a hike, in fact the last hike to date! It was very dangerous because if I had been lost, there would have been no chance to come out alive!
So I did a little search and decided to order a Blackberry Key 1 from Staples Canada because it was on sale. The item arrived in less than a week. Beautiful phone with lots of features through the service provider. Everything went well until about a months and a half ago when I suddenly realized that the battery discharges so fast that I need to charge it twice a day! 
For someone who doesn't use Wi Fi, texting and even talking, a problem with a newly purchased phone is surprising as much as it is annoying. I wrote to Blackberry and their first reaction was that they wanted me to send them some information so they can diagnose the issue. The information was sent but didn't help them much. Then they ask me to reset the phone to it's factory setting. That didn't help either. Their last request was to send them the proof of purchase so they can process my warranty but when I send that they told me that I would have to send the phone for repair and it would take up to 10 days to have it back while they would not send me any replacement! 
I don't talk on the phone as much as everyone else does but still thought that not having the phone for 10 days without a replacement is not such a good idea and brought that to their attention. They left me with no other choices. My last request was sending the phone without SIM Card and that to this date has been left unanswered! 
But here is the surprising thing: The phone is back to it's normal function! It doesn't require charging that much any more! I wonder what causes that. My guess, as the original guess of their customer service, is that it was a software issue. The phone gets updated once I connect that to an available wireless internet and perhaps once something was removed or improved which resolved the issue. I hope it never happen again because I really like this phone especially it's camera, it's screen and it's keypad.
(Photo: Blackberry Key 1 is a beautiful phone with excellent camera and excellent screen. Good sound and lots of features which I barely use any!) 

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