Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Dragon Fruit: Not so Appyling

I had tried Dragon Fruit earlier but I got one as part of my bonus last week and didn't touch it until the other night. I washed it, cut the crown off and cut it to two pieces from the middle, scooped it up with a teaspoon and ate some. Not so great!
This apparently is a fruit from eastern part of Asia, countries such as China and Vietnam but I found it totally not appealing. I don't know what the price would be in a supermarket but I think it's over $2 for a piece. Why the hell would I pay that much something which has no taste despite all of its nutritional benefits while I can get the same value by purchasing something which also is tasty?!
(Photo: The fruit looks very appealing but it actually is not! There're are other types available including a red one, which could be tastier but I haven't tried them and they could only be found in specialty stores)

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