Friday, June 26, 2020

Messed up by Marcus (Made by Marcus!)

Lazy Ass
has this bad habit that he insists on something and doesn't stop until he gets it! So the other day he insisted that he wanted to try the ice cream shop called Made by Marcus. I had driven by it's 17 Ave., SW location several times and had seen the losers who stand in line for a freaking scoop of ice cream and never stopped. This time he took us to their Kensington location and there was a freaking line there and the more I refused, the more he insisted and finally we stood in the freaking line like two idiots and many more for nearly 25 freaking minutes or so to get ice cream. 
It's a very small shop that even if there had not been any problem with Corona virus and they would have let us to sit, we would not be comfortable. So that's reason n umber one that I would not go there again because to me comfort is important. 
We're at the counter and surprisingly we see that there's probably not more than 5 or flavours available! I think everyone goes to an ice cream shop for its variety. Otherwise ice cream of different flavours are available in every supermarket. Two of the flavours were for Vegan people, I assume it means that there's no milk! So how can you make ice cream without milk, I think it's like making Hamburger without meat! I don't know what Lazy Ass ordered and he ordered that on a cone. I hate cones so I ordered two scoops in a cup: Passion-fruit - Basil(!) and Lemon Curd-Blueberry. I wondered how Passion-fruit, a tropical fruit could go with Basil, an herb! The cup cost me $7 but the size was not bad, I have to be honest. I tasted no Basil and there was not any smell of Basil either! In fact Basil is used in food because of its strong and pleasant aroma. So if no Basil smell, where is it?! No where! There was and there's no Basil. It's bullshit! As per Passion-fruit, I have to say that there was a bit of taste if I have ever tasted real Passion-fruit! The other one, Lemon Curd-Blueberry tasted just like Blueberry! I didn't taste any Lemon or Lemon Curd although the scoop looked like a combination of dark blue and light yellow. 
So that was my experience and no I'm not going back and no it's not because two scoops cost $7. It's because it's not a genuine business for the reasons I explained above. However, I have to add this, if you're looking to see pretty young girls, it's a good place to check. I'm not just sure if you could hook up with one! The funny thing is I passed the shop the next day at about the same time, maybe a bit earlier and the line was not even outside the store! Was that just a bad luck?
(Photo: The ice cream shop in a not very busy day)

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