Saturday, June 27, 2020

Beautiful Hail Storms of Alberta

I had the privilege of observing, closely, what happened to residents of a neighbourhood in northeastern part of Calgary when there was a hail storm a couple of weeks ago, a few days back. Lazy Ass provided this tour to me and he was hoping that the signs remain for a long time and becomes part of the City of Calgary sightseeing tour! I don't know if they will remain for a long time but I'm sure they will be there, some, for a numbers of week. 
Have look while they're available, especially if you can't travel and see it for yourself!
A BMW X1's rear window is completely shatered by the said hail storm. The front doesn't look much better but I think the windshield is still standing. A brand new of such vehicle worth more than $51,000
The funny thing is everything was fine just 2 minutes drive down the road. A number of fellas at work have problem with that storm in a way that their vehicles are not even drivable any more and I don't think insurance will have any coverage for that. I was out driving at that time but I was in Downtown area. it was just heavy rain over there and then turned to hail but not as bad. That's why you need a garage if you live in Alberta and it's not just for it's cold winters, it's proved.
(Photo, top: A house in a specific neighbourhood of northeastern Calgary. Does this also prove that cheap material is used?)

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