Sunday, June 07, 2020

The Ignorant Fool's Idea!

There was this short discussion, I'd like to call it discussion, rather than argument because that is what I usually avoid, particularly at work and it was at work, with this ignorant fool refugee, who has been let in Canada like thousands of other by the Government!
He was kind of making fun of me for lack of data plan on my phone! I don't have data simply because I don't believe wasting money on something like that and secondly I don't need it. There's Wi-Fi available almost everywhere these days, including my workplace, supermarkets, cafes, you name it. Even if there's something that I need to check before going home, I can simply turn my phone on and check it out. This guy was going on and on: You live in the 1700's! I don't know what world you live in! You should have come to this world two centuries ago and it's a mistake you're here now!
What do you think my answer was to him? Do you think I even reply to someone who has never read a book, attended a school or training, ever thought about his surrounding and is an ignorant illiterate fool!? No! I won't answer to him particularly because he's religious(!) but here is my answer to people who tell me I am outdated: The religion that you're following is outdated! And that's no problem? What that religion has given to you and how did that help you in your life that I lack without practicing it?! It would have become a heated argument because something quite similar to that happened with a little moderate person from the same background and it was going to go bad but luckily didn't! Having that in mind and my general understanding of the people who has never had any academic or self-thought education, who have never read in their lives and who have never had the ability to understand their surroundings, helped me not to respond and let him vent, particularly because he had told me earlier that he was depressed! My reaction to that just was: 😮!
(Photo: The majority of people has a permanent gesture as such in their lives!)

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