Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Start of the Month with Exotic Food

If someone's reading this and/or looking at this picture might laugh at me and say: Why the hell do you have to write about a plate of food! Or even something meaner. The fact is for someone like me who doesn't have a wife and kid, no girlfriend, does not smoke and does not drink regularly and does not do drugs, food is the only thing, or I should say one of the few things that he enjoys. So I write about food once in a while when I come across something and I mostly write about the good food. 
Here in this post one of the guys from work, who is from Afghanistan, brought some amazing food that I could not stop eating and I ate a lot! 
The food was basically some traditional Afghan White Rice meal, which I skipped(!) and it's called Plow, not that plow which removes the snow on roads! We say almost the same thing in Persian with a little difference in pronouncing it. We say Polo. Then there was Chicken and then a sort of Ground Beef stuffed in Pastry and finally Chickpeas with Yogurt sauce. The last two came together as a meal that I've forgotten the name. It was really good. 
(Photo: Rice is the only item missing on this plate)

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