Monday, August 24, 2020

A Chance of 1.45%

The job market is really bad these days but there're positions. I started looking again and I will be looking more seriously starting September. My source is Indeed and at times I get good messages from them. 
There was a position in southern Alberta nearly two weeks ago and I applied. Not very attractive but better than the sh*t job that I've been doing for the past few months. Indeed sent me a message last week indicating that the employer is still looking at the candidates and no decision has been made. I also realized that I am amongst 68 other people who have also applied for this position! This means that I have 1.45% chance of being picked for the interview! That's how bad the unemployment rate is at the moment. I have to keep applying though. Never stop fighting! 
(Photo: A U of C economist named Trevor Tombe has presented this graph which shows the gap between the population growth in Province of Alberta and the available workforce [in red]. The difference is significant. I think the data has been provided by Statistics Canada)

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