Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Signs of Great Canadian Economy

With the Liberal government in hot water these days, after the cabinet shuffle which resulted in resignation of the scandalous Finance Minister, things do not seem so good in the country. However the Province is determined to reopen the schools in September and the majority of the businesses are back to full operation. The stupid Government of Canada thinks the more refuges they let in the country, the greater the economy becomes! Wrong and stupid. The disadvantages that the refugees and even the immigrants, when they are let in un-screened, and overwhelmingly in excessive amount, are way more than their advantages and I have seen that in every immigrant and refugee that I have met and even sensed that in Canadians.
With that in mind I'm going to share you signs of great country of Canada and how well we're doing with providing the above picture. This was taken in 4th St., SW in Calgary which is known as Mission neighbourhood. For those ones who are not familiar with Calgary, I have to say that Mission is a nice neighbourhood with big expensive houses with yards full of beautiful flowers, mostly which used to have some unique stores in the city and now they are mostly gone. Forzani Tech Shop, Urban Barn, a number of independent boutiques and similar, a few good restaurants, etc. Now look what they have been replaced with: The disgusting, filthy, nasty Dollarama and a mind-altering and addictive substance retailer, a Cannabis store! 

Bill Morneau, the Liberal Finance Minister resigned as a result of a scandal which he and the Prime Minister were part of it
Bill Morneau, the Finance Minister of the Liberal Government resigned from his position yesterday as a result of a scandal that he and the Prime Minister were part of it 

Basically the disgusting Liberal government when they won the election back in 2015, when the stupid, mindless Canadians vote for them, they legalized Cannabis in order to make people more delusional and stupid by consuming that disgusting substance so they could robe the nation much better, like they have just done recently! Kudos to you Canadians! 
(Photo, top: Canada is claimed to be a G7 country and G7 countries are the ones which are considered the major developed[!!!!!!] countries of the world. If this is developed with Cannabis and Dollarama stores, homeless people and filthy Wal-Disgusting-Mart, then Bangladesh, Burkina Faso and countries of similar soon pass Canada!)

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