Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Signing (Not The Shining!)


I went to a property lawyer's office yesterday for what's called signing. It is basically a process that legally transfers a property to you. There are endless number of papers that you'd have to sign and the so-called lawyer just gives you a hint as what it is and slide it over you to sign. Paper for your bank, paper for the Provincial land title office, paper that you need to confirm your marital status, etc. At times you need to sign 4 copies of each because each goes to one person. 
I went to a nearby bank after the session and got the money for the transfer. The money, in the form of draft, comprised of the down payment and the lawyer's fee. There's more to it but has nothing to do with this session. I will need to pay the Property Insurance and the Property Tax.
I have about 2 weeks to move and gain the legal possession. I'm hoping that I can relax and enjoy the place after that. I hope it worth all the hassle!
(Photo: My file, was literally and without any exaggeration as big as one of these which are piled up here!)

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