Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Nothing is Free in Waterworld

A conversation with a couple of fella coworkers led to gaming a few weeks ago and I told the one, who sounded like a gaming expert(!), that I used to play Operation Flashpoint and asked him what was hot during the days. He named me Call of Duty: Warzone and mentioned that it was free to download. So I went home and found the website and started downloading: It took nearly 8 hours to download the damn game!
The next day, after work, I intended to try it. The game ran very slowly and then boom! Shut down! Apparently my Video Ram was not adequate enough to support the damn game! That was the meaning of a free game! I then found a free time and went to a computer shop. There I was told that it'd cost nearly $160 to make the PC capable of gaming. In fact Call of Duty games are not new to me. I got a kit in 2006, a set of disks and they didn't work on my PC so now I may get the chance to run it on this newly upgraded one! These days, many games are offered online. I got the board installed and then tried to play the presumed free game. Let me tell you: It is a total disappointment!
A scene from the great movie Waterworld. Costner, in a conversation at the beginning says that line which I have used as the title to another sailor in response to him saying I give it to you for free. Great movie
After spending $160 and three trips to the damn computer store, I faced with a story that I don't like at ll. First of all I have to go find cash! Can you imagine that!? You're in the middle of a firefight and instead of capturing somewhere. freeing a mate or killing the bad guys you are going to dwellings to find bags of cash and then a helicopter comes and you have to deposit the fund! The other thing is you are part of a team and you need to communicate with them in regards to your so-called mission. So you need a microphone! That's another expense for this so-called free game. Not to mention that the developer constantly offers different missions, weapons and accessories that you eventually would need to be able to fight. 
Now that I have installed the game and paid that much, I might as well play when I have time but I need that damn mic. or I cannot talk to the guys.
(Photo, top: These characters attack you in the game, violently and kill you in an instance. They look like Russian girls and the whole atmosphere of the game looks Russian or any other Eastern European region)

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