Saturday, August 22, 2020

What Canada Has Become

I have written about stereotyping in Canada and how the governments usually condemn that. Wrong! When you let cheap, low-moral, human-like creatures in the country in hundreds of thousands, you are making a mess that you would never get out of that, even if you did your best. The stupid Government of Canada, for profit purposes has let so many people in that the demography of the Canadian society has been changed drastically! 
This could be seen in communities such as Surrey, Brit " SHIT " Columbia(!), Abbotsford, Brit " SHIT " Columbia, Brampton, Ontario and Northeastern quadrant part of Calgary, Alberta. Not to mention that there are literally thousands of other neighbourhoods, communities and perhaps towns in Canada that now when you enter them, as my buddy, The Mumbling Guy, said it once, and he's East Indian himself(!), you don't feel you're in Canada!
Filthy streets, rundown houses, beat up vehicles, men, women and children with strange and usually shabby cloths. long beards and filthy shoes, tiny fraudulent businesses which only serve their own people, you name it! 
With that in mind it was in the news recently that a newly opened store in northeastern quadrant of the city of Calgary had promised top the first 100 buyers that they would get a free pressure cooker on the grand opening day. Thousands of people showed up and a melee started! People were rushing to the door and the store staff had to eventually and out of desperation call CPS before anybody got killed! 
I guess it was out of luck that no one lost their lives but consider another factor: Coronavirus and social distancing!! Do these people understand or even care?! No! All they care about is their cheap disgusting life and saving a few Cents, not knowing that their low life now could be seriously in danger if they do not consider the pandemic fact. I felt sorry for myself that waited 5 years to get my visa to the country that all their Government care about is increasing the population so they can get more tax, destroy more of the nature and make more money.
(Photo: East Indians at the entrance of the newly opened grocery store in northeastern quadrant of city of Calgary, hoping to save a dollar or two and get a free pressure cooker. I bet many of them got pressured and almost got cooked!) 

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