Sunday, May 02, 2021

The Talkative Lady

I went for a massage a few days ago, a medical massage, just to be clear, and I faced a very chatty lady from Eastern Europe. People of former Eastern Block are the unfriendliest people that I have encountered during all these years of living in Canada. Bulgarians are generally crazy as hell! People of the former Yugoslavia, mostly, even worse! Russians and Ukrainians, the same. Romanians, based on my experience, a little bit better but fall under the same category!
This lady, with green eyes and dirty blond hair, laid me down and then after starting the massage, started talking by telling me where she was from, which Io won't reveal here to protect her identity! I have never had an experience like that! Perhaps because my masseuses have always been either Canadians or Chinese!  Then she started about how she came to Calgary and then how she felt and stuff like that. That didn't make the massage more pleasurable because I had to respond and it was not really comfortable doing that. Then the conversation was somehow directed to the topic of where I was from! After a few guesses and few hints, I eventually had to tell her. 
Many masseuses and hair stylist talk to their customers to show that they care and they are friendly. Not all of them are genuine, of course. There was one bitch who use to tell me how sexy I was and lies like that. She wanted me to provide cash for her and she was stealing minutes. Eventually I stopped seeing her. This one, however, was good in the first session and even provided me with a receipt. So despite the distance, if I can cash the receipt, I will go again because she even showed signed that I might be able to squeeze a date out of it, unless I read the signs incorrectly or it was a bait! 
(Photo: The hand gesture or sign of talking too much. I think it's only common in Western culture. Where I am coming from this perhaps construed as a duck, a goose or any similar waterfowl bird!)

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