Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The Role of Chance in Life

I went to work, as usual, the other day and I went to the office to ask something when the supervisor told me that our main QC guy wants me to be his assistant! I was surprised but pretended that I didn't understand what he meant and went: I have to finish this order! He, in response, said: No! It is a position. I said: I'd be happy to help him. The guy said that they wanted to add someone to their team to help and then I went back to work. 
Who wouldn't want to join a lousy team?! No education and no experience is needed! I don't do much and get paid as much as I do now, perhaps more! There'll be OT for this type of job and I even might go back to 6-day schedule format. I heard from my last interview that they didn't need me. The damn certificate cost me another position. I also received a message from Indeed indicating that there have been as many as 83 people applying for this position! 
So I later went to him and pretended that I was confused(!) and asked him what he wanted me to do. He said: Not now! 
The guy is a fat, short, Hispanic fella whom has always been treated with respect by me although I have little to no respect for him, at all! He's lazy, incompetent, useless and obese in a bad way! He drinks the disgusting sugary Iced Cappuccino and eats greasy, disgusting doughnuts and sandwiches in the morning! But who cares?! My false respect for him has given me the opportunity to escape this misery that I'm in now! Besides since he seldom stays past the regular hours and never works OT, I might have the chance, as I mentioned earlier, to get good number of OT. There's another idiot who works in this, so-called, department: An old, ugly, slow, lazy Oriental woman! This moron, who barely speaks English, starts at 10:00! She's as bad as her boss and I wonder what they expect from me because there was another fella who joined them more than a year and a half ago but they kicked him out shortly after he started! The guy, who happened to help me a lot when I first started there, vanished after that! He used Corona-19 as an excuse and disappeared! I was later told that he had found a night-shift job for $20 an hour or so! 
I didn't hear anything from the guy during the day. My assumption is that he's waiting for the manager to come in order to make it official unless he already has regretted what he's offered! We'll see how my chance plays his role here!
(Photo: For most of Westerners, and many other people around the globe, as far as I've seen, everything leads to alcohol, drugs, women/men and gambling! No wonder why a good chance for them would be anything which leads to booze!)

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