Saturday, February 05, 2022

The Sh*t Must (Not!) Go on!

I finally received a message form that Government department which I had an interview with back in Dec. and the result was a big goose egg! I am not selected! It means the disaster continues! It means I have to continue this disgusting labour job and deal with all the low-life motherfucker, cheap asshole from different slums of the world! No! I'm not being mean or rude and I don't look down on people. That's what they are. That, however is not the point of this post. I lost a permanent job with very good salary and benefits which could guarantee a comfortable life and now I have no choice but working harder.
As the first step I registered to re-write the CWB Level I Inspector examinations (some people are laughing at me by reading this part but it's okay) and I've already started studying and job searching. The problem is I lost another opportunity as well. There would've been a chance to go out with The Blue Eyes Lady, had I been given the position because she said " she would not hang out with the guys from work ". I could've walked into her office and while saying good bye, I could've asked her out and there would've been a chance. Now with this misery, I can't ask her out again until I find a position and get the hell out of the " Cotton Field ". 
(Photo: I chose the title of this post from the song of Queen, The Show Must Go on. Queen's front man/vocalist, first from right, Freddy Mercury's parents, were Persians, who are known as Parsa in India, who had fled Persia when Arabs invaded the empire. They later moved or were moved to Tanzania, similar to many East Indians whom were moved around the world by the British and then he started his career in the UK. He died of AIDS in 1991. I remember reading about him passing away in a local newspaper in the old country. It was a surprise as how something of such nature was given permission to be printed as there's no news about Western music of any kind usually covered in Iran. The media is not simply allowed to. I thought it'd be nice to give some information about Farrokh [Freddy] while using his song for my post! A sort of tribute/appreciation!) 

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