Saturday, April 16, 2022

Halloween in Easter!

There's not much going on in life. Just the same damn shit work and come back home, eat, clean, do some other home chores and g to bed, sometimes as early as 20:00 hours due to exhaustion! Last night was no different but I was trying to study for my exam a bit while watching the 2016 Academy Awards ceremony! I know it's silly! I was working on Consumables section where the filler metal for FCAW and MCAW processes are discussed (that was my problem in the past two attempts) and in between (I know I shouldn't have!) was picking on the ceremony. Why was I watching the 2016's in 2022? Perhaps because I had not watched it and it was available! Jimmy Kimmel was hosting it and then he somehow arranged for a bunch of tourists who were on a bus to come in the theater, unexpectedly and surprised them. Not so cool but it seemed that some of them liked it and they were engaged with the actresses and actors who were sitting in front row. There was this Black man in a ridiculous clothing which if I had on, I'd have been totally embarrassed within all millionaire artists, who was going around, taking pictures and kissing women's hands! That was not a pleasant scene, believe me. And then it was known that a big Black woman, behind him was supposed to marry him soon and Kimmel told her to ask for a wedding present from the audience! It could not be more embarrassing more than this but some people have no manner, no shame! So kimmel ask Anniston, whom was sitting next to his bf, if she had something for her in her purse!! She takes a pair of sunglasses and hands it to him and he passes it to the Black woman! She wears it inside the theater!! 
That being said, I finished the video and made myself a Shirazi Salad which is a traditional salad from the old country and is really good. I had it as supper and continued reading/reviews and reached SAW consumables and how their classification works. At this time I switched to Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation suit on YouTube! There was this testimony by a friend/neighbours of the former couple when they used to live together in a penthouse, in New York City I think, and they were showing Amber and Johnny alternatively and the girl, I never knew anything about her is really beautiful but it is said that she's evil I don't know and I'm not judging. That'd be up to the court. 
All these things combined at about 21:00 hours I felt that I couldn't sit at the desk anymore and that was despite the two cups of coffee I had earlier around 16:00. I went to bed eventually around 21:20 and fell sleep shortly after that but not comfortably because it was cold. I woke up a couple of times and then the silly dream started, I don't know when! 
In Shirazi Salad (Shiraz is a major city in Iran where Shiraz Wine name also comes from) you cut ingredients into small pieces and then mix them after adding spices and seasoning as well as a good vinegar. The salad should rest in the refrigerator overnight so all the vegetables absorb the juice but could be eaten without waiting too. Awesome salad
I remember I was somewhere with many others and looked like we were celebrating Halloween! There was Mom and this wealthy husband of my oldest aunt from my father's side(!) and number of other guests and this one which is the center of the story, Jennifer Anniston with his bf, at the time, Justin T! Apparently the late salad and tiredness, a combination which always lead to nightmares(!), had worked! So in my dream I get into a sort of fight(!) with the guy and then eventually he goes to Jennifer and complains about me that I, the host, was rude to him! So Jennifer comes to me and asks if she could talk for a second and I say yes. We go outside the apartment, in the hallway/corridor but neighbours are there and we don't want to be heard. We go back in and I ask her if she wants to go to bathroom! 
I don't remember much more but I couldn't sleep after I woke up at 05:55 when my alarm went off! I had forgotten to turn it off for Saturday! I had a pain on my right wrist and right knee but was to lazy to go down the stairs and get medicine. I tried to go back to sleep and I did. I woke up again around 07:30.
(Photo, top: Actress Amber Heard in court. She has been sued for $50 million by Johnny Depp for defamation. I haven't seen any of her works and didn't know anything about her until saw something about the trail in the news. I don't think I have seen any Depp's movies either but the woman is without a doubt one of the most beautiful actresses ever lived. This picture doesn't show much of it)

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