Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The Best Time to Take a Trip

I've been planning for a trip outside North America for more than 6 months now! It might sound silly as why I've been busy with such a thing for too long but a trip without planning would turn to a disaster, particularly if you're going alone and that is the first time to the country.
My original plan was going to Italy because there're a guy living there whom I knew. We met in Firearm Safety Course once and I took him to a cafe shortly after that. I never saw him after it until he sent me a text message from Italy a few years ago and said he was there! We eventually started talking when WhatsApp was available and popular, back in late 2020 but I put a stop to that after he acted weirdly a few times! He lived in a small town in southern Italy which looked like a poor area. He said that I could stay with him and indicated that he would go to Etna with me but he had some requests! He wanted me to buy him (and send him!) some vitamins and white socks! I had and still have difficulty to understand why someone would need these things! Don't they have vitamin bills and socks in Italy?! What would be his requests when I'm at his place (which I think was his parent's place)? We had a number of text exchanges once when I was complaining about the cost of living and he said that I should've left for Iran! I told him that he didn't know what he was talking and that was the last text exchanges between us! It was not the main reason that I cancelled the trip. I still have it in mind but I have to see what the requirements of The Ministry of Health (Ministero Della Salute) of Italy is.
My next destination in mind was (and still is) Japan. I was lucky enough to get some good information about traveling from a Japanese lady whom I met at a sort of business meeting. Not that obtaining information is hard these days. Everything, almost everything is available in the web. Unfortunately she's married or we'd travel together but then when I was planning for the detail I realized that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has not yet decided to let the foreigners in, for tourism purposes.
The next destination where I seriously thought about is Morocco. This North African country offers good hiking in its mountains and as well could be a good destination for relaxing and have some good food. It seems to be reasonably priced. I know lots of Europeans go there. I my way from Frankfurt to Calgary, back in 2001 I sat next to a Canadian young fella who was coming from Morocco. He was a nice guy and even gave me his number but I lost that or never called him after one time. I don't really remember why. Lack of good communication would have been a problem but doesn't matter now.
But why its a good time to take a trip? Many people may say it is not! They may site Corona-Virus or some may see it in a different perspective and say restrictions are lifted and travelling would not be easy and comfortable. I'd say both is correct in a way but for me is a good time because I've saved more than $4,000 paid vacation! My plan for every destination was different. For Japan I was thinking of at least a month. For Italy, 2 week and I think for Morocco 1 week or at the most 10 days would be enough. the reason for the last is, you always should consider the time you need to adjust yourself to the local time. The main problem with going to all of these destinations is I CANNOT book the damn ticket! I'm looking for a position so I can get myself out of this stinking toilet and just yesterday the lady who had a conversation with me, sent an e-mail and said she was waiting for the hiring manager to go back to her. Even if this doesn't work, I will have to keep looking or I will be another summer with lowlife motherf*ckers! 
(Photo: Morocco cannot be as nice as this picture! It is selected and edited but seems to be a good destination for someone who wants to see a new place)

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