Saturday, April 23, 2022

Short Telephone Interview of Apr.

I received an e-mail from a lady, representative of a company, indicating that she wanted to have a chat with me for the position that I had applied. It's a job located in Calgary and sounded good. If it had not, I wouldn't have applied for that! I said yes and left work an hour earlier to talk to her at home which is more comfortable. It was just a short talk with basic questions and considering she didn't know much, I have no idea if it was acceptable or not but now it is Saturday and I haven't received any response from her (she was supposed to arrange a MS Teams interview with their technical guys), it probably means I'm out! 
This is really disappointing. Not only because it was a good position and close to home but also because I always pass the first stage easily! Her last question was about salary and I told her that I'd be okay with whatever the company offers and in fact I believe that'd be something to talk about at the last stage. I added that coming form Oil Sands projects I'm aware that salaries, nowadays are not to the same level. So I adjust myself. I hope she found the answer, acceptable but looks that it doesn't matter now because I haven't received any response. I think if there was something that killed the position was the fact that she asked me about Concrete Testing and Power Transmission. Of course I don't have any experience in those fields but that doesn't matter. A competent Quality Coordinator would easily handle stuff like that. Beside that it was clearly shows in my resume that I do not have any experience working on those things. So they could simply pass me through their sieve in the first stage but they didn't! 
(Photo: I was probably as happy as this guy looks during the interview since I felt I had all the convincing answers. It came out that I was dead wrong!)

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