Saturday, April 30, 2022

The 3rd Teams

I was at work, as usual, on Thu. and during a short break I decided to check my e-mail to see if there's any message from the lady who had a short telephone interview with me, last week. In fact I noticed a message form the Quality Manager of the company indicating that he had tried to call me but it had not connected. I knew why and I was not surprised! If anything I actually was happy! When I'm inside the building there're spots that the signal is the weakest or even doesn't exist. I the call had been through, then I would have answered it in the noisy environment of the workplace and I probably not only would have had issues hearing clearly, but also he would have heard the noise and wondered where the hell I was!
So I got out and called his office number which was available in the e-mail signature line. The fella asked me why I had not called her on his cellphone!! I had no answer for that! Then he asked me a few question while, obviously was looking at my resume. He asked about my educational background by going through everything that I had written on that part of the resume where usually gets no attention from anyone! This is a fact in Canada that most of the time, the employers are interested in what you have done rather than what you have studied while that couldn't be entirely true all the time! I just lost a position simply because I do not have my CWB Level I Inspector certification! 
When he said " There're good universities everywhere " in response to what I said about my education, I immediately got that he was not a Canadian although his name didn't show it at the beginning! He said that he would have wanted a Teams interview and Fri. afternoon was set for that.
I got out of work before noon to prepare for the interview, on Fri. When I looked at the invitation in the e-mail, I saw more than 8 people! The interview started at the time but there were two people directly involved which then turned to one only! On the screen was the old man with heavy accent and another fella who was quiet the entire time. The questions were very surprising to me and showed how silly the guy is but in fact I looked silly in his eyes, I think, because I wasn't confident enough or didn't show enough confidence, at least in their eyes! He asked me what I knew about the company and if I knew the projects that they had been involved! Why do I give a shit about that?! I don't think that my answers impressed him very much! Then he started asking basic questions about QC and QA! Question such as if you ask a driver what a Steering Wheel is?! What is the normal diameter of that?! What colour do they usually use for it?! and stupid questions like that! Not easy to answer! Then he started asking questions about the " things " that I had very limited knowledge and interest, as well(!) but I gave the answers that he surprisingly liked because I either said I knew this much, which was correct to that level or I said I didn't know anything! He was happy with my honesty! 
It was at the end where he asked " Others " if they had any questions and that was when I realized there were " Other ", the ones who had been listed in the e-mail, who were part of the interview without being on the screen! I didn't know Teams would provide that opportunity or in fact those people were involved! One of them asked a question and I answered that easily because that was something that I had done. " we would be in touch " was the last thing that the old man said and we hung up. One thing that I remembered after the interview and I haven't ever used it is the phrase " did I answer your question " or " Is that what you were looking for ". I think it'd be a good communication builder because then I can ask what they actually want to know and be more clearer in my response. I'll send him a " Thank You " e-mail tomorrow and will wait for their response. I don't think it's such a good position but for me who has been struggling for years, it could be a good re-start. 
(Photo: Microsoft Teams logo. There was an issue at the beginning of the interview. I was able to see them on my screen and they were not. He asked me to go get my cellphone. I now that would not work well. I asked him to let me to hang up and reconnect again and he wouldn't let me! I didn't listen to him and did that and it worked! Right form the bat it proved that he's a stubborn asshole!)

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